T Shirt Printing

Direct To Garment 1 to 30 Items

Cad Cut Vinyl Printing 1 to 30 Items

Screen Printing 30 to 1000+ Items

Here at Intrepid Tees we use three different techniques to decorate our garments, so it is important to understand the difference between them, and the manufacturing time for each process.


While screen printing has been around for years becoming the industry standard for most applications, new emerging technologies are challenging it’s crown. Direct To garment printing and cad cut vinyl being the two main techniques that have become very popular during the past few years for short order projects. 

The process

Screen printing is achieved by pushing the ink through a very fine woven material, each colour needing its own dedicated screen and individual stencil. This process is very involved and not cost effective for short runs.

Direct to garment printing is a new emerging technology that uses a computer to print directly onto the garment. Not limited by colours it now seems to be emerging as one of the best cost effective techniques for short runs.

Cad Cut Vinyl, Also known as heat transfer printing. This technique also utilises the the computer and a special device known as a vinyl cutter. This is a fantastic way to decorate garments with simple one or two colour designs, it is low cost but each colour needs to be applied separately making it not the best option for long runs and detailed or colourful designs, as this can become a time consuming process.  

Screen Printing

Without a doubt screen printing has the best durability record, overtime it can fade and crack, but cared for properly screen printed projects can exceed the life of the garment .

We do offer this service, from simple one colour to multicoloured designs, with great discounts for high volume orders. The minimum order for this service is 30 garments.  This is achieved through one of several printing partners, where fulfilment times vary on order size and complexity. Please contact us for further details. 

Direct To Garment - DTG

Direct to garment printing is great for small orders, with the low minimum order of one all printing jobs can now be tailored around the wearer. Taking personalised individualism to the next level. 

This is not done in house because to provide the high quality standards we work to  the investment on our part would be enormous! We are talking six figure sums for the purchase of the best machinery for the job. We have however through trial and error found what we consider to be the best partners who have invested wisely in this area.

Most of the multicoloured designs found on our website are printed using this method.  All listings indicate which method of printing is used and how long the order process is. Average despatch time for this service is between five to eight days. This can stretch at busy times like Christmas so please bear this in mind when ordering your products.

Cad Cut Vinyl

Cad Cut Vinyl is getting better, with companies guaranteeing the decoration to exceed fifty washes without peeling or fading, this is a technology watch out for, it is by far smoother to touch, and with the proper care can stay more vibrant than direct to garment printing. 

We do all of our own vinyl printing in house, it is by far the most cost effective method, as with DTG printing the order threshold is one product, so very customisable.  Average production time is between one to two business days.

Production Times

Cad Cut Vinyl = 1-2 Business Days

Direct To Garment = 5-8 Business Days

Silk Screen Printing = Varies Please Ask