About Intrepid Tees

Welcome to intrepid tees, Hi my name is Alex, I started my journey of T-shirt design on eBay and Etsy making slogan shirts and have been doing quite well, though using cad cut vinyl does have its limitations and as such my designs were limited. However, as my skills, as a designer has flourished a little, (I’m still learning), it was clear to me that I would have to do something if I wanted to provide better options for my customers.

The conundrum was investment, Direct To Garment printing is the way forward, but alas a very expensive path to travel if I wanted to provide top quality products. However with so many print on demand platforms out there, it has made life so much easier, and to as a result now my designs are available on so many more products that I could never have achieved on my own. 

I use a locally based company for the multi colour designs here in the UK, using a variety environmentally safe inks to produce great quality designs, while still protecting the natural habitat in which we share this world with.